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stop clowning around

Creepy clowns are terrorising towns across California


EVERY PERSON HAS the right to dress up as a terrifying clown and walk around town after dark. We’d just prefer if they didn’t.

Residents of Wasco, California have recently been reporting sightings of several creepy clowns hanging around town.

The clowns have their own Instagram account, where they keep the townspeople up to date with their wanderings, and ‘fans’ of the clowns have set up a Facebook page to report sightings.

Where should I go tonight Bakersfield wascoclown wascoclown

Come out and play wascoclown wascoclown

The lead ‘clown’, who requested to remain anonymous, told Kern Golden Empire that the pictures are part of a year-long photography project by his wife.

They mean no harm, they just want to look scary as hell. (They’re succeeding.)

Goodnight wascoclown wascoclown

Instagram wascoclown wascoclown

But the project has inspired several copycat clowns who aren’t playing so nice.

The LA Times reports that in another town, a teenager was arrested for dressing as a clown and chasing people, leaving one “visibly shaken”. Police said that on Friday alone, they had received 16 reports of clowns with weapons.

nope Reactiongifs Reactiongifs

Please don’t let this funny business start over here. Our nerves can’t handle it.

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