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This week, TheJournal.ie presents Badly Drawn Roy, an award-winning short film about a cartoon boy trying to survive in a live action family, for your viewing pleasure.

EVERY FRIDAY AFTERNOON,TheJournal.ie presents an award-winning short film for you to enjoy as you ease into the weekend.

This week: Badly Drawn Roy

Badly Drawn Roy is a mock documentary following the first cartoon baby born into a live action family. The film shows that growing up animated – especially when you’re badly drawn – can lead to all sorts of problems at home, in school, and with affairs of the heart.

It’s a completely unique film that features superbly naturalistic performances from members of the director’s own family that make you believe that this could actually be a real Dublin family with an animated child. There’s a lightness of touch about the whole thing that makes it really touching and it’s no surprise that the short led to a spin-off children’s TV series.

It’s written by brothers Alan and Frank Shannon and directed by Alan – look out for their real mum and dad playing Roy’s parents in the film. Funny and touching.

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