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They're handing out blaas at Waterford airport to people coming home for Christmas


DUBLIN AIRPORT has seen its fair share of magical scenes over the past few days as people return home for Christmas – but it just got upstaged by Waterford.

Radio station WLR FM organised a choir and a table full of blaas to welcome people arriving at the local airport (no, we didn’t know there was an airport in Waterford either).

A table full of blaas.

CW2JPclWoAAa2xQ Source: Twitter/@alan_maguire

But y’know what’s better than a table full of blaas? A table full of blaas and Tayto.

CW2KDi8W4AAy5Cw Source: Twitter/@alan_maguire

Is there a nicer way to greet people after a day’s travelling than with a fresh Tayto sandwich? We think not. Kudos, WLR FM.

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