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A messer from Waterford challenged Lance Armstrong to a bike race, and got a response

Is Lance en route to the sunny south east?

A FEW WEEKS ago, we told you about a Waterford man who posted some highly amusing notices around the city and went extremely viral.

But we think Sir Michael may have just outdone himself with this one.

On Thursday, the Waterford man challenged disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong to a race.


And to prove that he was serious about the whole thing, he included this photo…

CLKEGs7WcAA2XJc Sir Michael / Twitter Sir Michael / Twitter / Twitter

And guess who replied?


First of all, he gave Sir Michael some advice.

Before sending this follow-up tweet that is intended to be a joke, but still kind of reads somewhat menacingly?

“Just like the old days.”

Good one, Lance!

giphy (36) thewilkersons / Tumblr thewilkersons / Tumblr / Tumblr

For his part, Sir Michael then invited Armstrong to meet him and included one important caveat: “No cheating this time.”

Lance has not replied, but we’re strongly holding out hope that he pops over to Waterford for an impromptu bike race.

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