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This Twitter conversation between Tesco and a Waterford man is highly entertaining

Sir Michael is back at it again.

YOU MAY REMEMBER Sir Michael (AKA @Michael1979) from his previous Twitter antics.

The Waterford man has trolled Lance Armstrong and posted highly amusing notices all around his native city.

Now he’s back and this time he’s going after Tesco.

It started with him sending an important e-mail to Tesco.

He explained to Tesco that he had recently purchased a laundry hamper when he stumbled across one key design flaw…

I do, however, have one minor quibble, which is that it only has one entry/exit point. This wouldn’t ordinarily be a problem, but earlier this afternoon, my brother Thomas challenged me to see if I could fit inside the hamper. The good news is that I did indeed successfully fit in! The bad news, though, is that Thomas then sat on top of the hamper and has refused to let me out since.

Michael attached a photo and made his dissatisfaction clear.

I have checked thoroughly for an emergency escape hatch on this laundry hamper, but there definitely isn’t one. This seems like a serious design flaw to me. In future, I will only be purchasing laundry hampers with second entry/exit points.

And then Tesco replied!

Not only did they reply, but they also christened Michael “The Waterford One”.

Michael continued to have a little back-and-forth with Tesco

The conversation turned to bandanas, because, of course.

Tesco were even apologetic about their selection of bandanas, God bless them.

Until Michael had a change of heart, that is

All we can say is: the people who manage the Tesco Twitter account are saints.

Hats off, Michael.

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