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9 times Waterford Whispers was realer than the actual news

We salute you, WWN.

WATERFORD WHISPERS is Ireland’s premiere satirical news source – but sometimes, it captures the heart of the subject more than the regular news ever could.

Here are nine times WWN made us go “Oof.”

1. On the Tuam Babies case:

wwntuambabies Source: Waterford Whispers

2. On Brian McFadden and Vogue Williams’ separation:

wwnvogue Source: Waterford Whispers

3. On Irish women travelling to the UK for abortions:

wwnabortion Source: Waterford Whispers

(Read the full article, it’s a doozy.)

4. On Ireland’s justice system:

wwnjustice Source: Waterford Whispers

5. On the very real concerns about the marriage referendum:


6. On Stephanie Roche missing out on the Puskas Award:


7. On austerity:

wwnausterity Source: Waterford Whispers

8. On direct provision centres:

mosney Source: Waterford Whispers

9. And on the banking enquiry:

wwnbertie Source: Waterford Whispers

-First published 24 July 2015

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