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iPhone users fooled by fake 'waterproof' update

Turns out, submerging your iPhone in water isn’t a good idea.

THE IPHONE SOTFWARE update, iOS7, was released to the world last week.

While it has some cool new features, the rumour going around that it deemed your iPhone ‘waterproof’, seems to be nothing but a myth.

An advert doing the rounds on social media claims the update installs a ‘smart switch’ that can detect water and in turn, cuts off the power supply to save your phone.

The mock-up ad is a pretty good replica of original Apple advertisements, and is said to have originated on the 4chan message board, a community renowned for similar pranks.

Of course it did.

mnfksdB Source: Imgur






44 Source: Imgur

See the larger image here.

There were even videos. We’re sold.

Source: EngineNation

Surprisingly, not all users could spot the joke, with many taking to Twitter to vent their frustration at their failed testing of the feature. Spare a thought for this Vine user, in particular.






Someone get the rice, gear up the hotpress, do anything.

Poor guys. Left with sopping phones, and a broken confidence in your intelligence that you can just never get back.

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