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A definitive ranking of the many ways to eat potatoes

From worst to best.

IT’S NATIONAL POTATO Day today. You’re pretty much obliged to eat a potato today so we’ve created a handy little ranking to help you chose the best method.

You’re welcome.

13. Smash

Moving on.

smash2 toomanyballoons toomanyballoons

12. Potato cakes

Just no. A cake should be reserved for birthday parties and times of sadness–like after eating a potato cake, for instance.

Tater Cakes trekkyandy trekkyandy

11. Potato salad

The texture has been the primary component of about 98% of our nightmares.

The bestest potato salad mia3mom mia3mom

10. Waffle

Is there even any potato in these? And why do they always taste of freezer? Still, few minutes in the oven, bit of butter, sorted.

waffle chatirygirl chatirygirl

9. Patatas bravas

Only have such a low placing due to notions, but you can’t really go wrong with those delicious crispy potato bites.

Patatas_bravas_madrid Wikimedia Wikimedia

8. Croquettes

The thing that springs to mind when thinking about croquettes is just ‘why?’

Croquetas Caseras PincasPhoto PincasPhoto

7. Boiled

Listen, if it’s in a coddle it’s good in our book.

baba's boiling potatoes thepinkpeppercorn thepinkpeppercorn

6. Potato skins

Preferably in an overpriced faux-American diner and on the menu with the word ‘loaded’. Bring on the grease.

Potatao Skins - Tipsy McStaggers socialcoopmedia socialcoopmedia

5. Roasted

Christmas dinner just wouldn’t be the same without these guys. They place lower on the list than you might expect due to how hard it is to get the crispy coating JUST RIGHT outside the bounds of your mam’s kitchen.

David's Roast Potatoes, Alpha's Boiled Endive avlxyz avlxyz

4. Crisps

Yeah, they count. They’re nice and all but their inability to fit into dinner and the soul-crushing addiction we have to Pringles has left a bad taste in our mouths.

Homemade potato chips bamalibrarylady bamalibrarylady

3. Baked

Need a quick lunch of dinner? Shove something in a baked potato. This cooking method has been keeping students alive since the beginning of time, and for that, we give thanks.

PotatoesBaked1 Whatscookingamerica Whatscookingamerica

2. Chips

There is literally nothing edible in this world of ours that you can’t put on chips to make them nicer. Nothing.

thick chips secretlondon123 secretlondon123

1. Mash

Again, mash is the winner for its versatility and resistance to ever losing its place in the cookbook of an Irish mammy. Winter, summer, meat, fish, breakfast, dinner, by GOD you’ll have a bit of mash.

mashed taters plasticrevolver plasticrevolver

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