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My gourd, it's not a potato: New Zealand couple’s world record dream mashed
Guinness World Records wrote to say that testing had found Colin and Donna Craig-Brown’s find was in fact a tuber of a gourd.
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# Your Say
Poll: How often do you eat potatoes?
Irish farmers are worried that millenials are ditching the potato.
# prátaí
23 ways to say 'potato' as Gaeilge
Happy National Potato Day, ya filthy animals.
Tesco is selling these 'chocolate new potatoes' for Christmas - but what even are they?
We found out more about the baffling sweet spuds.
# Rollin'
Legendary Dublin pub The Gravediggers just invented the Irish spring roll
Featuring ham, cabbage and spuds. YES.
# astro spud
NASA wants to grow genetically modified potatoes on Mars
The spuds will first be tested at the International Potato Center in Peru.
# Totally Worth It
Businessman pays €1m for photograph of Irish potato
There was wine involved.
# stuffing in blankets
Christmas stuffing: What else can you use it for?
The seasonal foodstuff is surprisingly versatile.
# best friends
This teenager’s lovely friendship with an actual potato has gone mega viral on Facebook
The internet loves these guys.
# sexy potato
This guy planted some excellent fake Halloween costume signs in a shop
Who wouldn’t want to be a sexy potato this year?
# chipper chips
9 mouthwatering ways to take your bag of chips to the next level
Brighten up that brown bag.
# Spuds
Which Irish county loves potatoes the most? We have answers
It’s time to DUEL.
# starch raving mad
Woman uses potato as contraceptive, grows roots in her vagina
Happy National Potato Day!
# nationalpotatoday
A definitive ranking of the many ways to eat potatoes
From worst to best.
The guy who raised €43k to make potato salad is throwing a huge 'Potatostock' party
We want to go to there.
# very appealling
Here's how to peel a bag of potatoes in less than a minute
Bow down to the potato-peeling king.
# violent veg
Potato-wielding man attempts to rob dry-cleaners and garage, fails
A blatant misuse of our national treasure.
‘Boxty’ could be the latest Irish term to get EU protection
A public meeting is being held tonight to discuss the possibility of getting the potato pancake EU Protected Geographical Indication status.
# Spuds
Students win prize for study that found the potato is not the most Irish vegetable
The students from Dominican College, Taylor’s Hill in Galway placed second in the world in a competition, winning €500.
# National Potato Day
A love letter to the humble potato
If you can’t say it on National Potato Day, then when can you?
# The Spud
Happy National Potato Day! Here are 7 interesting facts about the humble spud
Mashed, roasted, boiled, fried, chips…
# Spuds
Have you ever had an Irish seven course dinner?
There’s atein’ and drinkin’ in that.
# we ♥ spuds
13 reasons why the potato should DEFINITELY be Ireland's National Vegetable
If this list doesn’t carry the day, we don’t know what will.
# Food security
€5m Irish potato growing programme announced for Ethiopia
Irish development agency Vita has launched a Potato Centre of Excellence in Africa with an aim to provide sustainable access to food for two million people.