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Everyone is watching this emotional haka performed at a New Zealand wedding

So passionate, the bride was moved to tears.

weddinghaka2 Source: YouTube

A PASSIONATE HAKA performed at a wedding in New Zealand last week is going hugely viral.

The haka, which according to the BBC was performed as a sign of respect from the best man and the groom’s family, moved the bride to tears.

weddinghaka Source: YouTube

Videos of the hakahas been watched more than 13 million times, with viewers saying that like the bride, they were also “moved to tears” by the performance.

Halfway through, the groom whips off his jacket and joins in - and moments later, the bride does too:

Source: Serg Tisn/YouTube

Women do not traditionally perform the haka, but speaking to the BBC, bride Aaliyah Armstrong said she felt like joining in:

I wasn’t planning on jumping in until one bridesmaid did. I felt the need I felt the need to show love and respect back. I was really blown away.

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