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The 23 stages of the weekend everyone goes through

It’s a rollercoaster of emotions when you think about it.

First published August 2013. 

1. Friday mornings are mostly like every other morning

2. But a teeny bit better

3. Friday afternoon comes and you are watching that clock like a hawk

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4. You spend far too much time doing this:

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5. And then spend the last hour frantically trying to finish on time

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6. Finally, it’s quitting time!

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7. You make it home

8.  Sometimes this happens

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9. And sometimes this happens

10. Either way, your bed on a Friday night has never felt so good

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11. Waking up on Saturday morning

12. A little later on Saturday morning

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13. Later still

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14. And later still

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15. Saturday night

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16. Or maybe:

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17. But, in the back of your mind…

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18. Sunday morning dawns

19. Maybe you get your act together for some brunch

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20. Or a refreshing walk

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21. Or not…

21. Then this happens

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22. Before long the Sunday evening fear begins to set in

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23. You consider covering the clocks with tea-towels, and stay up until 2am to stave off Monday

Don’t be getting yourselves in a flap though, because IT’S FRIDAY RIGHT NOW!

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