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7 foods that Americans are definitely wrong about

Say no to meatloaf.

AMERICA HAS GIVEN us a lot of wonderful food and beverages – McDonald’s and Coca Cola, for example – but they aren’t right about everything, food-wise.

Just look at this stuff.


4226433281_f18690b792_b Source: Flickr/mycostleyhobby

Yes, in America, this white stuff is called gravy. It’s made of butter, flour and milk, and traditionally eaten with biscuits (more on those later).

You can’t compare this lumpen monstrosity with the silky, meaty brown gravy we call our own. It’s just not right.


Popeyes_biscuits_2 Source: Wikimedia

Biscuits are almost-scones. We say this because they are, according to one DailyEdge.ie staffer, “not as sweet” the ones we have over here.

But the main problem is that these are biscuits:

Digestive_biscuits Source: Wikimedia


9173179019_f1df8cc19f_b Source: Flickr/raysawhill

It’s basically porridge, but runny, snot-coloured porridge that requires loads of butter or salt for taste. Even the name is off-putting, somehow.

Grilled cheese

Grilled_ham_and_cheese_014 Source: Wikimedia

Americans make grilled cheese by frying the sandwich in butter or oil, not melted under a grill as we would. How is this grilled cheese? Answer us that.


baconcoll Source: Wikimedia

We can all appreciate a nice bit of streaky bacon now and then, but where are your RASHERS lads? Where are they?

Cheez Whiz/Easy Cheese

cheezwiz Source: Blogspot/Reddit

Cheese shouldn’t be in a jar, nor should you be able to squirt it into your mouth. Case closed.


4753749525_f8d8b67520_b Source: Flickr/randychiu

Just listen to the name. Meatloaf. Meatloaf. A loaf of ground meat. *shudders*

This dish was voted the seventh most popular meal in America back in 2007. ARE THEY WELL.

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