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7 weird things that happened this week

Python in a pizza, a 100-year-old man skydiving and werewolves – the bizarre news stories you might have missed.

OH BABY, BABY it’s a wild world. 

If you find it a bit difficult to keep up with the crazy shenanigans going on around the globe, don’t fret – DailyEdge.ie is here to help. We’ve sorted through the bonkers carry-on to bring you the best of the bizarre. 

A woman in England found a two foot python in her oven after cooking an oven pizza. Karen Jackson, of Northumberland, was bewildered to find the snake coiled inside her oven after cooking her dinner. After contacting the RSPCA and the people who sold her the oven, she discovered it belonged to the previous owner’s daughter and had been hiding in a cool spot at the rear. Slippery little bugger, evidently. (Mirror)

A used condom shattered a car windscreen in eastern China. After the prophylactic was thrown from a multi-storey building, it landed on a man’s parked car below, where it shattered his windscreen. Reports indicate that DNA evidence left at the scene might reveal who the article belongs to. Best not to think too much about that. (Metro)

A motorcycle reported stolen in 1967 has been returned to its original owner. The motorbike was stolen from his home and returned to him this week when Customs checked its identification number on its way out to Japan and realised it was stolen. Donald DeVault DeVault said that what initially attracted him to the motorbike was its blue colour and the name “Li’l Blue Bitch” airbrushed on its side. (AP)

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A missing undergraduate student, Asher Vongtau, has been located after spending two days wedged between two buildings in New York City. He was found “conscious and moaning” last Sunday after somehow becoming lodged between a parking garage and a dorm building in downtown Manhattan. The circumstances of how he came to be there are as yet unclear, but sources indicate the only way into the gap appeared to be from the roofs of the buildings. Party on, Asher. (Reuters)

A woman ran over her husband repeatedly after he refused to stop at McDonald’s. Crystal Brooks, of Tennessee, became incensed when her partner would not stop for delicious, delicious fast food and let her hunger get the better of her by backing over her husband, Santiago Hernandez, three times. Hernandez sustained no serious injuries and Brooks is currently in custody. We’ve all experienced regrets after Micky D’s, but this is something else. (DailyEdge.ie)

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A Californian man did his first skydive to celebrate turning 100 years of age. When asked by his friends, Vernon Maynard said that jumping from a plane was the one thing he wished he had done in his life. After receiving the go-ahead from doctors, he jumped from 13,000 feet. Fair play, old timer. (Yahoo)

Gloucestershire Police have revealed that they have received calls reporting “werewolves, wizards and a coven of witches” to their emergency 999 number. One boy rang to report himself as a wizard, meanwhile a taxi driver called to notify authorities that his wife was a werewolf. Our sympathies, mate. (Mirror)

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