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10 memories of Westport House every Mayo person will recognise
Ohhhhh he lives in a house, a very big house in the countrayyyyy…

FOR HUNDREDS of Mayo kids, Westport House is a fond relic of their childhood. 

The owners of the historic country house are currently locked in a battle to keep it open to the public after it went into administration.

It’d be a sad day for the county were it to close – because be it on a school tour or a family trip, almost everyone has memories of the big house.

1. You could only stand and peer in at the rooms from the hallway

Look children, books. People use to cut down trees and waste money on these. #Lol #Kindle #WestportHouse Instagram / graceyor Instagram / graceyor / graceyor

The precious antiques and fine furniture were not for children’s grubby little paws.

2. But you did learn all about the toilet habits of the gentry

The bathroom in Westport House. If you understand why this is so funny, congrats! You must have paid attention in history class or know something about antiques. #weirdghoulstravels #travel #ireland #westporthouse #weird #nopottopissin #chamberpot #ihavetopee Instagram / weirdghoulstravels Instagram / weirdghoulstravels / weirdghoulstravels

Chamber pots! *snigger*

3. And you were more than welcome to go down to the terrifying dungeons

Dark, dank, accessed through a glorified gap in the wall.

4. With their terrifying decorations

#TBT Throw Back Thursday- Who remember this dude Facebook / Westport House A shot of the dungeons in 1975 Facebook / Westport House / Westport House

This writer has a distinct memory of a gigantic model spider glimpsed lurking in a darkened corner. Like, how DARE you, Westport House.

5. And the terrifying mascot

pinkie Facebook / Westport House Facebook / Westport House / Westport House

Pinkie the rabbit – if you went to the House, you probably have a picture of yourself standing nervously beside him somewhere at home. State of him.

6. Racing on the Slippery Dip could get highly competitive

It’s now called the Cannon Ball Run Slide, but we veterans know the truth.

7. And the animatronic monkeys at Monkey Junction were considered to be highly sophisticated technology

Ah, the Westport House Express!

Westport House - Timeline Photos | Facebook Facebook / Westport House Facebook / Westport House / Westport House

Look, we’re not going to say the puppets and loud monkey noises didn’t terrify us too. Because they did.

8. But the log flume was a GAME CHANGER

Westport House - Timeline Photos | Facebook Facebook / Westport House Facebook / Westport House / Westport House

Mayo had never seen the like! Westport House was practically Disneyland!

9. When you were a bit older, you could head off for yourself on a swan pedalo

Don’t need no chaperone.

10. And even now, the big house still looks so impressive

Take us back :’)

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