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This video of tipsy Wexford pub-goers trying to save a cat from falling is priceless

Cat melodeon.

NEVER LEAVE AN animal in need. Even after you’ve had a few scoops.

After leaving the Sky and the Ground pub in Wexford the other night, some tipsy pub-goers spotted a distressed cat hanging by its claws from an upstairs window of the neighbouring B&B.



They immediately began hatching several different plans to save the cat – what follows is an extremely stressful two and a half minutes as we wait to learn the animal’s fate.

(Some NSFW language.)


If you can’t see the embedded video, click here.

And the cat is saved, with the help of a shirt!


The punters’ act of heroism has been shared hundreds of times on Facebook. “Divine Jaysus, that was stressful,” one viewer wrote.

No word on whether the cat has gotten over its mortification yet.

Via BreakingNews.ie

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