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Say what?

What is #Gtuít and why are 'the kids' going on about it?

Never try to be cool in front of a teenager. It never works out.

CRINGING WITH EMBARRASSMENT is practically a full time job when you’re Junior Cert age, and nothing makes you cringe more than people trying to be cool.

Yesterday, the Junior Cert’s Irish paper one resulted in mass cringing at a level matched only by Linda Martin’s Get Lucky performance.

It seems the exam commission decided to keep things modern by introducing hashtags along with the word ‘Gtuít’.

Nobody seemed to be entirely certain what the word meant, but it seems it was supposed to mean ‘Gaeilge tweet’ and was used around organising a tweet-up.

Students were suitably aghast, amused and appalled at what was deemed an attempt to make the exam cool, and took to Twitter to air their views.

Some were confused

Others speculated

Then there were those who openly sneered

Some embraced it

And of course, there’s always one…

Let’s all spare a thought for the State Examination Commission, they were just trying to be current, and it all went wrong.

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