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What Percent Dryshite Are You?

Are you a banter merchant or Billy No Craic? Find out here.


1. Do you like trying new things?
2. A friend wants to go out to a very popular, busy nightclub for their birthday, but it's not really your scene. What do you do?
Go, but moan to another friend about how terrible the place is.
Go, roar along to every single word of the 5ive Megamix and have a great time regardless.

Go for predrinks then slip off home.
Go, but make it very clear to everyone that it's not your thing.
3. Pick a character who you think is a bit of a dryshite.
Monica from Friends
Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory

Charlotte from Sex and the City
Carson from Downton Abbey
4. How does the popularity of the Kardashians make you feel?
Bloody fantastic TBH

6. Excluding Christmas, what is the best holiday?
Halloween, I love dressing up.
Easter. Chocolaaaate.

Ugh, none of them. They're all stupid.
Valentine's Day, a chance to celebrate my loved ones.
7. Everyone's heading out on the town but you're working the next day. What do you do?
Tell them to have a good time, and be in bed by 10.30pm.
Say you'll go out for one, then end up staying out all night.

Say you'll go out for one, and crucially, only go out for one.
Go out. Obviously.
8. You get a bit tongue-tied in work and everyone laughs. How do you react?
Continue on as if nothing happened, ignoring the laughter.
Feel slightly mortified but force out a chuckle.

Laugh along and think of something witty to say to smooth it over.
Say "Can I continue?" and go back to what you were saying.
9. And finally - is this funny?
No, it's immature.
Answer all the questions to see your result!
You scored out of !
You are 0% dryshite!
You absolute madzer. Do you ever miss a chance to have the craic? Not likely.
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You scored out of !
You are 22% dryshite!
You appreciate one (or three) good nights out, but also know the value of an evening on the couch and a good sleep. Way to go.
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You scored out of !
You are 56% dryshite!
You can have fun, yes, but you can also morph into your granny at the blink of an eye. As Hector once said: Let yourself goooooo
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You scored out of !
You are 77% dryshite!
You can remember having fun...once. Why not try it again? It won't kill you.
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You scored out of !
You are 93% dryshite!
There's this thing called having fun. Take your head out of the sand and try it sometime.
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You scored out of !
You are 100% dryshite.
God, it must be exhausting to be judging people for having the craic all the time. Lighten up, will you?
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