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9 things terminally single people want everyone else to know

We’re actually grand, thanks.

IN MOVIES AND TV, singledom is always painted as the worst possible thing – it’s just doom, gloom, loneliness and endless, endless searching for The One.

In real life, the actual problem is everyone in a relationship thinks single people are really unhappy about being single.

But in fact – they aren’t. Surprise! There’s some things you should know.

1. We don’t need to be set up with your friend

ummm-no Source: Jamspreader

No. Please. Don’t. Please. Don’t do that.

2. Relationship chat is mostly B-O-R-I-N-G

relationshipchat Source: Shutterstock

Don’t care about what your Stephen is doing at work now, soz!

3. There is no such thing as being ‘too picky’

tumblr_inline_mrnoc0eTcx1qz4rgp Source: Tumblr/Baskaukas

OK, maybe there are limits. But why should we settle for less than the best?

4. The old love advice clichés mean absolutely nothing to us

It’ll happen when you least expect it.
There are plenty more fish in the sea.
You need to love yourself first.

No_Thanks Source: Wikia

Cheers for that?

5. Relatives – stop asking us about weddings and grandchildren

younext Source: Shutterstock

What if we NEVER get married, eh? Or NEVER have children?

Oooooh, scared now aren’t you?

6. We’re not going to turn into crazy cat people

crazycat Source: Wordpress

We know you worry about it. But it’s not going to happen. (We’re pretty sure anyway.)

7. Don’t pretend that you wish you were single too

married Source: Shutterstock

Sounds like you should never have gotten married, mate.

8. We know we’re gorgeous/smart/funny and anyone would be lucky to have us

Thanks for the reminder though.

giphy Source: Giphy

9. But we don’t really need anyone at all, actually


tumblr_lfcayqx3En1qej93ko1_500 Source: Tumblr

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