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10 actually good No7 products to spend your next Boots voucher on

No longer shall they languish at the bottom of your handbag.

CHANCES ARE, IF you love a bit of a rummage in Boots, you have about a million of these floating around your gaff, unused and expired.

BOBNNq4CUAA4cxe Source: Twitter/@Lorilee_E

So what about actually putting them to use? Where do you start in the large (and occasionally pricey) No7 range? We delved into the reviews section on Boots.ie to see which products customers are raving about.

All these products have four and a half to five star ratings on the site, with glowing reviews to match – bookmark this page for the next time you get a voucher.

1. Instant Radiance Highlighter, €14

This twist-up, champagne-coloured highlighter stick gives a healthy, natural glow to the skin, without being too glittery. Reviewer KatieKatie77 says:

I keep it in my handbag for whenever my skin needs a bit of a lift. The great thing is you can wear it under or over foundation and look a bit brighter in no time at all.

2. BB Lips Beauty Balm, €12.50

This is a lightweight balm/gloss hybrid perfect for those days where you don’t want to bother with lipstick, but would like something on your lips anyway. Reviewer BeautyNut says:

I love the fact that it’s an all in one with colour, a nice balm texture and SPF15. It’s great for on the go touch ups as well, so quick and easy to use.

3. Intelligent Colour Foundation, €21.50

intelligentcolour Source: Boots.ie

This sheer foundation adapts to the colour of your skin for a light, easy base reminiscent of a BB cream. Listen to this review:

When I tried this I was unsure but have become really fond of it… I am really pale and with or without tan (huge skin tone difference) it still matches!

4. Ridge Filling Base, €10.50

Not a glam product (pictured on the left), but one that gets the job done – this base smooths out the ridges and bumps on your nails for polish application. lyndsaymck86 says it does exactly what it says on the tin:

I’ve always been a fan of buffing my nails to get rid of the ridges but from now on I’ll be using this. Perfect under my usual nail polish too!

5. Beautiful Eyebrow Kit, €18

This handy kit contains two powders for filling in your brows, a highlighter for your browbone, and a clear wax for holding the hairs in place – ideal for your handbag. helen24996 is a big fan:

I’m not one for makeup as I don’t have much time, but this product was effortless and quick with a brilliant result. Made a big difference to my eyes!

6. Total Renewal Microdermabrasion Face Exfoliator, €11

totalrenewal Source: Boots.ie

Used twice a week in conjunction with an SPF, this exfoliator claims to smooth and brighten all skin types. liketobuymakeup agrees:

I’ve been using this scrub for many years now and keep coming back to it. I’ve used premium products for triple the price with not much results… This leaves the skin smooth and glowing.

7. Beautiful Skin Cleansing Oil, €15

cleansingoil Source: Boots.ie

Washing your face with oil might sound like a recipe for disaster, but hear us out – a few pumps of this will take your makeup right off your face, leaving your skin soft. No7Reviewer says:

I use this in the evening to get the day off my face… even waterproof mascara and lipstick because it’s an oil. You don’t need a lot, as it goes a long way, so it lasts a while.

8. Protect and Perfect Advanced Serum, €32.50

The original Protect and Perfect serum sold out everywhere in 2009 after a clinical trial showed it actually did reduce wrinkles. The new version (released earlier this year) has maintained this cult following – reviewer hunterdakotatwins says:

I have been using it for a few weeks now and can definitely see an improvement in many areas… The wrinkles around my eyes look less obvious, the tone and texture of my skin looks so much better.

9. Beautiful Skin Purifying Mask, €17.50

beautifulskin Source: Boots.ie

Designed for normal to oily skin, this mask warms on contact with your face to combat spots and control shine. Reviewer BabyDee26 has nothing but praise for it:

Even after expensive facials my skin doesn’t feel this great. Well worth every penny.

10. Matte Lip Crayon, €12.50

These lip crayons are very similar to the popular Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencils, with opaque colour that stays on all day. An anonymous reviewer from Dublin writes:

The crayons are SO easy to apply and very pigmented so little is needed to cover [your lips]. My favourite is Raspberry Red… I am going to wear it every day for the next while!

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