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When upcycling goes horribly wrong

Leave that thing in the bin!

LAST WEEK WE told you all about You Generation’s ongoing search-for-a-stylist competition. The entrants were given two rules – it had to be on the theme of “candy” or had to include a bit of fashion upcycling.

“But what is upcycling?” we hear you cry. WELL. It’s taking old things you don’t want and transforming them into something new. There are plenty of examples of  doing this well – such as this amazing map of Dublin made from old circuit boards or even this Picasso sculpture of a bull made from an old bike saddle.

But sometimes upcycling goes wrong.

Horribly wrong.

Belt up

Image: via Regretsy

This chicken feet belt is the very thing to set off your favourite outfits. Why let those chicken feet go to waste?

Glam up your bear

Image: via Life Death Top Tips

What a great use of your old cherished teddy bears. Poor old Ted doesn’t look ridiculous at all. Not even in that bra he’s wearing.

Failed life hacks

Image: via CraftFail

Can’t bear to throw out that empty ketchup bottle? Upcycle.

Crafty disasters

Image via: Craft Fails

Failed craft upcycling is a reminder of all those rubbish primary school art projects. The paper with pasta shells falling of it, the clumps of PVA glue, the uncooperative balls of clay…


Image: via Student Beans

Or how about trying to upcycle household items into art pieces?

Throwing shade

Image: via Pinterest

Got a spare old lampshade? Why not just put it on top of your old lampshade and call it interior design?

For the birds

Image via: Regretsy

Let’s be honest. This piece of upcycled craftwork is crying out to be thrown firmly in the nearest bin.

This doesn’t rule

Image: via Recycled Homes

If you’re making a lampshade out of rulers, you might have a little too much time on your hands. Plus, it’s not even shading the bulb. Come on guys!

Let there be light

Image: via Dump Town

This is a candle holder made from an old beer can. Excuse us, we’re just going to make one out of an old can of Dutch Gold. Interior design masterstroke!

Or maybe a beer lamp…

Image: via Back from the Dead

Or even a “canvertible”…

Image: via Ecofriend

Forty Coats

Image: via Lara Owens/Etsy

This is a great example of the important rule “just because you can, doesn’t mean you should”. One fabric is fine for a skirt. Two, at a push. But eight? EIGHT?

Want to check out what the style wannabes upcycled? Check out the You Generation channel to see all the best (and worst!) entries.

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