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Which Beloved Children's Book Character Are You?

Are you a Matilda, or more of an Artemis Fowl? Take our quiz and find out.

kidsbooks Source: Wikimedia Commons

1. Firstly - how do you feel about rules?
They're (mostly) there for a reason.
Rules? *scoffs*

Look, I TRY to follow them... But there have been slips.
I don't mind bending them when the need arises.
2. Pick a fictional food item.
Lembas bread
Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans

Wonka Bar
Green eggs and ham
3. Are you more of an indoor or an outdoor person?
Photocall Ireland
4. Your parents/guardians send you to your room. How do you react?
Go, but plot revenge on them for later.
Argue that sending you to your room really wouldn't teach you any lessons.

Throw a massive strop, then slam the door.
Go meekly and accept your wrongdoing.
5. What was your favourite subject at school?
English. They say I have an over-active imagination.
Art/Music. I was always better at practical things.

PE. I never pass up a chance to run around, tackling people.
Maths. It just made sense.
6. Which role on the Toy Show did you covet?
Toy tester. TOY TESTER.
Billie Barry kid. All eyes were on them.

RTÉ Player
Audience member. All that free stuff, man.
Book reviewers, they had the best job.
7. How do you feel about being a grown-up?
It's great! I love being independent.
I don't think you could ever call me a 'grown-up', to be honest.
8. What's your favourite genre of fiction?

All the classics.
Romance <3
Answer all the questions to see your result!
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You're Anne of Green Gables!
Charming and bright, you have absolutely no problem getting along with everyone. Anne is your spirit animal.
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You're Artemis Fowl!
You'd like to think you're a bad guy, but your softer side gets the better of you every so often.
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You're George from Famous Five!
Fiercely individual, you won't let anyone tell you what to do - and you LOVE adventures. You and George would be best pals.
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You're Harry Potter!
You're brave and a natural leader, but prone to pout. Off to Defence Against the Dark Arts, quickly now.
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You're Scout Finch!
Well, aren't you a firecracker? Like Scout,
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You're Charlie Bucket!
You're smart yet humble, just like Charlie Bucket. You appreciate the simple things in life, and never let greed get the better of you.
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You're Matilda Wormwood!
Irrepressibly intelligent and with a keen sense of right and wrong, you're just like Matilda. Now if only you had those telekinesis skills, eh?
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You're Peter Pan!
You're adamant that you'll never grow up, and your childish sense of wonder is what endears people to you. D'aww.
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