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which dublin nightclub are you

Which Dublin Nightclub Are You?

There are three types of people.


1. Your friends have lost you. Where would they look for you?
Pretty much guaranteed to find me in the smoking area.
Michael Walter/PA Archive/PA Images
Could be the smoking area, could be the bar, could be the toilets. There's no saying.

Pinguet Benoit/ABACA/PA Images
On the dancefloor to see if I'm meeting some GAA lad with only one of my shoes on again
2. What do you usually drink?
Jaegerbombs, shots, vodka, anything along those lines
Just pints or stick to one spirit for the night

I drink half empty pints I find on tables or sneak my own drinks in
3. Where do you like to eat after a night out?

Supermacs or grab a late night chicken fillet roll somewhere
4. Do you have enough for a taxi home?
Probably not but we'll see what happens
Good question. I'll probably need a lend

5. Which of these would you prefer to hear on the dancefloor?
Anything by Queen
Work From Home by Fifth Harmony

Anything by The Smiths or The National
6. Where do your most meaningful conversations take place on a night out?

I'm here to skull 17 pints not talk about my feelings mate
7. How severe are your hangovers?
Bad but fairly tolerable. Nothing a few cups of tea wouldn't fix. Could manage going to work
I can't shake feeling like an ashtray for about 12 hours after I wake up

I could never drink the night before work without ending up calling in sick.
8. Why do you usually go out?
Because all of my friends are
I only go out when there's something on like someone's birthday or a UFC match.

I have to beg my friends to come out just because I love going on nights out so much and shifting people
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You're either in first or second year of college in some kind of arts degree, or just somebody who loves Amber Leaf. Probably both. You hate any nightclub where you can't have a proper chat with someone and there's a good chance you have a can hidden somewhere on your person at any point over the course of the night.
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The Living Room
You're probably on a work night out or here for a drink in the beer garden. You're a nice middle ground between thinking you're too cool for anything but also not the type of person who gets too cheesy. You're still perfectly capable of getting a little messy though, don't worry
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All you care about is having fun! If they only played Mr Brightside by The Killers over and over on repeat for the whole night you would probably still have an amazing night. For better or for worse, your life revolves around banter more than anything else. You are the essence of Coppers.
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