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Which Irish Fast Food Chain Are You?

Bon app the teeth.


1. Pick a sport
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2. Which of these four counties is your favourite?

3. Pick the college course that would suit you the most
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Ag Science
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Visual Communication

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4. If you lent somebody a tenner, how soon would you want to get it back off of them?
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The next day. I don't want anyone getting in the habit of taking lends off of me.
Honestly wouldn't be that fussy about chasing someone for a tenner.

Would ask them once or twice nicely and if they said no, just bring it up the next time we were out and point out that it's their turn to pay.
I don't trust anyone enough to lend money.
5. What's your favourite season?
Karl-Josef Hildenbrand/DPA/PA Images
Winter - I love sitting somewhere warm and cozy to eat something when it's freezing out.
Arno Burgi/DPA/PA Images
Autumn - I spend the whole year looking forward to the ploughing championships.

Flavio Nogueira Nery/DPA/PA Images
Summer - I love being out in the sun
Patrick Pleul/DPA/PA Images
Spring - It's nice to see a lamb on the telly now and then
6. Your best friend asks you to go to a party with them at the last minute but you're in bed watching Eastenders. You don't even know the person who's throwing the party. What do you do?
Suzan Moore/EMPICS Entertainment
Continue to enjoy Eastenders and wonder what happened to the old Martin Fowler. The new actor isn't fooling anyone. It's Ben Mitchell all over again. Why do they do this? Then you end up having a glass of wine because this annoyed you too much.
Bernd Wustneck/DPA/PA Images
You decide to tag along, get politely drunk off of three cans over the course of the entire night, have some small talk with a few people but mostly sit by your friends side watching them chat to everyone and kind of wish you finished Eastenders instead.

Farshid M. Bina/DPA/PA Images
You go to the party and network. You get to know everyone there and find out how many mutual friends you have with everyone. You leave the party with 3 new friends on Facebook and 10 followers on Twitter.
Carsten Rehder/DPA/PA Images
You Hailo a taxi, load 264 cans of Tuborg into the boot, go to this party and make a complete show of yourself. You fall off chairs, you break glasses, you get sick in the hosts bed and you get kicked out shortly after. All in a days work.
7. Do you have any special dietary requirements?
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Gluten or lactose intolerance.
Vegan or vegetarian.

Can and will eat everything I see.
No but I'm a very picky eater.
8. Pick a meal
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Chips and 6 burgers off of the Eurosaver

Steve Parsons/PA Archive/PA Images
Fried chicken
Chicken wings
9. When you're ordering food, do you want a soft drink?
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Water will do

Ok ploon
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Wholesome and traditional but you're also probably tight with your money. You love a GAA match and probably own a pair of bootcut jeans.
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You are the pintman reincarnated. You're a lot more fun when you are drunk than sober but you can be a bit messy. You're the type to ask someone if you can bum a rollie and then ask them to roll it for you because you don't know how.
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You're relaxed and easy going. You're reliable and you don't try too hard. If people want to spend time with you, they'll spend time with you. You're not going to chase after anyone. You don't go over the top with anything. The bare minimum works and is enough to keep you and your friends happy.
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Eddie Rocket's
You're very flashy and definitely still living off of your success in the Celtic Tiger. You're popular and attractive, but most importantly: you're very clean.
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