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Which Leaving Cert English Poet Are You?

Are you as sad as Sylvia Plath or as desperate as Yeats? Find out.

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1. When's the last time you were in a seriously, seriously bad mood?
I can't remember the last time I *wasn't* in a bad mood.
Within the last month or two. Perhaps the last time my gf/bf did something to annoy me.

A couple of months ago.
The last 12 months for me have been quite nice. I can't really remember being in a bad mood recently.
2. How would you describe your relationship?
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We have ups and downs but we genuinely do love each other very much.
My relationship is very dramatic and intense. So much so, that I'm embarrassed to tell my friends and family the true extent of the drama.

We both kind of resent each other at the moment, but we're getting on with things.
It's not so much a relationship, as it is me pining after someone who's not that interested in me.
3. Do you consider yourself a feminist?
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Of course.
Not at all.
4. Pick a place you'd rather go to relax.
The beach
A cosy library

A nice sunny field to lie down in
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5. Do you consider yourself a pessimist or an optimist?
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6. When it comes to romance, do you find yourself getting rejected very often?
About the average amount.
Hardly ever.

I'm rejected all the time. I don't know why.
I don't even bother trying.
7. How often do you worry about nuclear war?
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Way too often. It's always at the back of my mind.
It's a little bit of a concern for me.

I never think about it.
8. What kind of poetry did you like at school?
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I was fond of most of the Irish poets

I liked the miserable poets the most. They really spoke to my teen angst.
I didn't like miserable poems. I preferred poems about nature.
9. When you're feeling down, what do you usually do?
Stay in bed as long as I possibly can.
Try and go about my day as usual, but find it hard not to snap at others or take it out on people around me.

Do something stupid I'll regret later, like texting an ex, or possibly something more destructive.
At the very least, have a shower, get dressed and get out of the house.
10. Pick a female singer.
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Lana Del Rey
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I think they're all stupid and vapid. I listen to *real* music.
11. Do you believe that the "friendzone" is a real thing?
Yes, absolutely. I have been victim to it many times.
No way. It's made up by people who feel entitled to sex with anyone they're vaguely polite to.
12. Do you recognise this man?
Yes, and in my opinion, he's a bastard.
Yes, and I think he's a great poet.

Nah, can't really say I know him.
13. How often do you find yourself sick?
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Almost always. I'm nearly always worn out and I've always got some kind of problem - colds, the flu, infections etc. It's exhausting being sick all of the time.
No more than the average person.

I feel like I catch a cold more often than most people I know, but I don't have any serious health issues.
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Sylvia Plath
Is everything OK? I only ask because you got Sylvia Plath in this quiz. You probably know her backstory. A very talented woman with a very difficult life that came to a tragic end. The constant stress in Sylvia's life meant that she was always worn out and suffered from chronic sinus infections. On top of the depression, it's no wonder she was struggling. Take this as a wake up call. You need a mental health day. Just go out there and treat yourself. Unfollow your ex on Instagram. Have a bath.
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Seamus Heaney
You're a wholesome person like Seamus Heaney. Of course Heaney touched on some serious matters like conflict in the north, death and violence, but he's most famous for his poems about memory and nature. Seamus Heaney wasn't too caught up in himself and how he was feeling, but rather the people and the world around him.
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Uh oh. You're the thirstiest Irish poet of all time. The man who just could not take a hint. Most people would move on if their marriage proposal was turned down once. Definitely if it was turned down twice. But no, WB Yeats proposed to poor Maude Gonne at least 4 times. You may have Yeats' lack of self-awareness. Take some time out and actually start listening to the people around you.
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Adrienne Rich
Ah, Adrienne Rich. She was always interested in women's rights and was generally a sound woman. Lots of people think Adrienne Rich's work was ahead of its time. Her poems were nice and accessible and rarely pretentious. You're probably an easy-going person.
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