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Which Pancake Topping Should You Stuff Your Face With Today?
What to buy on the way home? Take this quiz to find out.

Amanda Slater Amanda Slater

1. Will you be making the pancakes yourself?
2. Pick a movie about food.
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

Super Size Me
3. Which of these condiments have you been known to eat straight from the jar?
Peanut butter

All of the above
4. Pick a serving size of pancakes.
5. Which of these food songs plays instantly in your head when you read the title?
Sugar, Sugar
Raspberry Beret

Tossed Salad And Scrambled Eggs
6. Will you have to be polite and restrained while eating your pancakes?
Yes, sadly
No, I can be as disgraceful as I want
7. Which of these animals do you most relate to?
8. I say "pancakes", you say...
"One please."
"I've had enough thanks."

*silent drooling*
Answer all the questions to see your result!
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You should eat lemon and sugar on your pancakes
Simple, elegant, classic. Maybe a little boring? But that's what the haters WOULD say.
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You should eat Nutella on your pancakes
"If you smear chocolate on it, they will come" - a genius in the past. Slap Nutella on it and throw caution to the wind, sure it's only one day a year. (PS: congratulations on being correct)
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You should eat savoury pancakes.
That's right, savoury pancakes. Ham and melted cheese? Spinach? ONION? Look, it's basically a toastie but fancy. Mmmm.
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You should eat ice cream on your pancakes.
Hot and cold. Fire and ice. A marriage made in... alright, we'll cut the crap. Lob a few spoons of Carte D'Or on there and feel free to dribble a bit.
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You should eat marshmallows on your pancakes.
Soft, squidgy, delicious. You're an adventurous person, so why not think outside the box? (And by that, we mean buying a bag of marshmallows and putting them on pancakes)
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You should eat bacon on your pancakes.
What improves all foods? Bacon. Thus it stands to reason that it should go on your pancakes. Feel free to freestyle on the essential maple syrup question .... *drools*
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