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Which RuPaul's Drag Race Winner Are You?

Gentlemen, start your engines. And may the best WOman *raises hand* win!

rpdr winner Source: Instagram/World Of Wonder

1. First off, what's your favourite RuPaul song?
Cover Girl
Sissy That Walk

The Realness
2. The best drag queens have what, in your opinion?
A great sense of humour
A unique look or style

Beauty, fishiness
Talent (singing/dancing/acting etc)
3. Choose a move to help you win your lip sync.
Death drop
Jump off the stage into a split

Pulling off your wig to ru-veal another wig
Slowly removing most of your costume
4. Who's your favourite runner up?
5. What would the judges drag you for?
Hot-gluing your dress together instead of sewing it.
Wearing the same wig two weeks in a row.

Not showing enough vulnerability.
Not cinching your waist.
6. Pick an iconic Drag Race quote.
"This is not RuPaul's Best Friends Race."

"C'mon Season 6, let's get sickeniiiiiiiiiing!"

"Go back to Party City where you belong!"
*tongue pop*
7. What challenge would you ace?
The design challenge
Reading Is Fundamental

Snatch Game
The acting challenge
8. And finally, pick a Michelle.
Answer all the questions to see your result!
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Bebe Zahara Benet
The first RPDR winner, and sometimes overlooked by the flashier queens of later seasons. But we will think of her every time someone cries "CAMEROOOOON!"
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Tyra Sanchez
OK, so Tyra isn't one of the most popular winners... But who can deny her gorgeousness? Not us.
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Queen of the Heathers! And blessed with the ability to pull off just about any look. Iconic.
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Sharon Needles
Halloween is not just a holiday. It is a lifestyle. And nobody embodies that better than our Sharrdin.
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Jinkx Monsoon
The world's first narcoleptic drag queen! And a stunning one at that.
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Bianca Del Rio
No one is spared from Bianca's biting wit, and that is why we love her. That, and she brought "NOT TODAY, SATAN" into the vernacular.
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Violet Chachki
High fashion drag. And that 18-inch waist? She's dedicated.
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Bob the Drag Queen
Possessor of one of the best drag names in the biz. Walk into the room PURSE FIRST.
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Chad Michaels
"I spread La Mer on my toast in the morning. I'm Cher, bitch!" And with that, she cemented her place in RPDR history.
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Alaska Thunderf**k
Your makeup is terrible. But she loves you anyway.
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