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Sony claims watching Whiplash burns 375 calories... same as a 2.5k jog!

It’s a physically exhausting movie.

OF ALL THE things that you associate with going to the cinema, an intense workout is not one of them.

But, Sony UK has released an infographic that shows how physically intense its latest movie Whiplash is, through the movie’s Facebook page:


The extremely frenetic movie about a teenager learning to drum in a jazz school with a domineering teacher is one of the most talked about films of the last year.

And everyone online seems to agree that it takes it out of you:

We didn’t realise that it would substitute in for a workout at the same time as being excellent. So, swimming for 45 minutes? Cycling for a half hour? Jogging for 1.5 miles?

Apparently, you’ll have to go to Whiplash for the same experience. Go forth and watch.

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