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Who's got the dirtiest desk?

Lawyers and accountants have the dirtiest desks, according to a new survey. How dirty is yours?

HOW DIRTY IS your desk?

If you’re anything like the average worker, your desk probably contains remnants of lunch… plus skin, germs and other nasties.

The Telegraph reports that office supplies firm Viking has released a new study that shows germs were found on almost two-thirds of keyboards – some of which even had mould growing on them.

And it transpired lawyers, accountants and computer workers have the most unhygienic desks, according to the survey.

Two-thirds of workers say they eat their lunches at their desks – but don’t clean up afterwards.

According to Professor Lisa Ackerley, if people sneeze on their keyboard or screen, these bacteria are deposited for the next user.

Plus, a survey showed that commuters who don’t wash their hands or use anti-bacterial gel before sitting down at their computers can contaminate the area with bacteria from human waste.

And that’s before you deposit those 30 – 40,000 skin cells every minute on your desk…

If you’re not currently eating lunch, why not visit the Viking Dirty Desk site and take their quiz to see exactly how dirty your desk is….

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