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11 reasons why eyebrows are a pain in the hoop

To pluck or to wax? Ugh, we’re just getting a fringe.

1. First of all, they seem to always look a tiny bit crooked

You know that feeling when you see a tagged photo of yourself and wonder why nobody ever thought to tell you why your entire face was crooked? Thanks, eyebrows.

2. At some point you will pluck your eyebrows… and make an absolute hames of them

“Oh good, I now have a weird arch in just one of my eyebrows, meaning I’ll have a quizzical look on my face for the foreseeable future.”


3. That’s to say nothing of the risks associated with waxing your own eyebrows

Anyone who has ever accidentally waxed off half of their own eyebrow knows that it’s no laughing matter.

4. If you haven’t been blessed with thick, luxuriant eyebrows like Cara Delevingne, then life is pretty much a constant struggle

Life was so much easier when your eyebrows were low maintenance. But then Cara Delevingne came along and now it’s like, “Oh great, now I have to worry about my eyebrows looking well.”

As if life weren’t hard enough.

5. Did we mention filling in your eyebrows is hard?

One wrong move and you could just end up with a dirty looking forehead.


6. Go overboard with the brow pencil and, well, you could end up looking like a less cool Frida Kahlo.

giphy (4) Source: paulineheidey

7. And God help you if you were an overplucker in the past…

Why did nobody think to tell me in 2007 that thick eyebrows would be prized in 2015?!?

8. If you’re a stickler for perfection, your eyebrows will never not drive you crazy

“One last pluck and they’ll finally be even… nope, never mind. I’ve just plucked my last eyebrow hair.”

9. You may even find yourself wishing that your eyebrows were like Zayn Malik’s

So thick, so plentiful.

10. And when you see tweets like this, you immediately worry that other people are slagging your eyebrows behind your back

11. We’re just going to get a fringe and forget about them altogether

See yiz, eyebrows. Was nice knowing you.

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