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11 reasons painting your own nails is truly a pain in the arse

*smudges nails* *rages for an eternity*

THE STRUGGLE IS extremely real.

1. You will never, ever be able to post one of these photos

2. Because your nails are never Insta-ready

This is not one of my talents #nailfail

A post shared by Jessica Painter (@vivaciousjcp) on

3. Painting your dominant hand requires every drop of concentration you can muster

giphy Source: Giphy

4. But they still end up like this

Help I need an adult. #messynails #nails #help #adultingishard

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This is why I should just get my nails did. Lol Source: Instagram/di.an.a_tee

5. Even if you do get them semi-decent, you’ll inevitably smudge them two seconds later

Girls who else hate this Source: Instagram/thirsa_kaguya


6. You feel like you have to apologise for your nails constantly


7. You leave chipped nail polish on for as long as is humanly possible

Alas... The true price for creativity... #chippednails

A post shared by Oliver Harman (@o.harman) on

Just trying to avoid the agony of re-painting them for a few more days.

8. Or worse – pick it off

snooki-nails Source: Teen

Even though you know it’s not good for your poor nails.

9. You’ve tried stickers and press-ons and every sort of alternative

Got the claws back on check out my review on my new blog http://www.mzgeekface.wordpress.com #falsenails #eleganttouch #eleganttouchexpress #jewelwashedteal #pamper #relax #gottheclawson Source: Instagram/mzgeekface

10. You’ve gotten them done professionally, and stared in wonder at your manicured claws

tumblr_inline_njboxfHd961qzrz52 Source: Tumblr

11. But this is your true form

No use hiding from it. Join the Bad Nails Club, girl. We’re here for you.

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