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christmas wrapping

The 8 agonies of wrapping the Christmas presents

The yearly trial begins anew.

IF YOU’RE ONE of the (sane) people that has their Christmas shopping all sorted well before the big day, you’re probably getting started on the wrapping this weekend.

If you’re a bad gift-wrapper, it’s easy to put it all behind you when the season is over. But once December hits, you’re forced to remember the pain all over again.

1. Never being able to keep track of the scissors

And they were the good ones too!

2. Always having awkward little bits of paper left over

2174113803_0cba231324_b Flickr / bradherman Flickr / bradherman / bradherman

They’re never good for anything. And such WASTE!

3. Hoping for the scissors to glide along the wrapping paper, but completely destroying it instead

All you want is this:

tumblr_mfgueckrG91r7wlnro1_500 Tumblr Tumblr

You get this:

tumblr_mfgueckrG91r7wlnro2_500 Tumblr Tumblr

4. Only being able to wrap certain shapes with any degree of elegance

084716 Would probably take a class in 'How To Wrap A Tin Of Roses', to be honest. Mysupermarket Mysupermarket

Books? Grand. DVDs? No problem.

But then you had to go and buy your mam an round candle-holder. Why’d you do that, you eejit?

5. Paper cuts

q8uw1au Imgur Imgur

Wrapping presents is actually dangerous.

6. Never being able to find the edge of the sellotape

670px-Run-your-finger-aroud-the-roll-Step-1 Whstatic Whstatic

Let’s not even talk about it.

7. The result is never quite perfect

No matter how careful you are, it always looks like you didn’t even try.

8. And remembering the absolute futility of it all

Excited-Baby-Opening-Present Gifrific Gifrific

Just when you’re starting to enjoy it a little, you remember that it’s all going to get ripped off anyway.

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