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The internet can't get over this pub's rude 'open for business' sign

False advertising at its finest.

EVERYBODY ON THE internet can’t stop talking about The Wig and Pen pub in Truro, Cornwall.

The little establishment made a huge splash online when Ricky Gervais tweeted this picture of its unintentionally rude ‘open for business’ sign.

@rickygervais @rickygervais

Pub owners Tim and Georgie Robinson told the West Briton that it all started when they ordered a new sign to let customers know that the pub was open despite ongoing sewage works on the road.

“We were initially sent a sign just saying ‘we are open for business’”, Ms Robinson said, “but it didn’t say which pub, so we sent it back and asked for one with our name on.”

We noticed there was a gap missing between the ‘pen’ and the ‘is’ but the works had been going on for so long and we thought we couldn’t wait for another so decided to go with it to give everyone a laugh.

The couple had no idea how much fuss it would cause, and initially didn’t think twice about taking the banner down once the roadworks were finished.

They have yet to figure out who took the snap of the sign, which spread like wildfire.

It’s now back on the pub’s railings, due to popular demand.

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