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8 things we learned from the leaked Sony emails

Wikileaks published a searchable database of the emails yesterday. *whispers* SCANDAL.

LAST DECEMBER, SONY found itself at the centre of a massive hacking scandal that saw private emails, finished movies and scripts leaked online.

After the initial leaks, Sony Motion Pictures chairperson Amy Pascal was fired after ‘racist’ comments she made about President Barack Obama came to light.


Last night, Wikileaks uploaded thousands of leaked emails on to one searchable database – Sony is not happy, as you may have guessed, and has “strongly condemned” the publishing of the emails. But there is much to be gleaned from them – here are nine things we learned.

1. No one knows who Rita Ora is

BBC Radio 1's Teen Awards - London Source: Laura Lean/PA Wire

An email sent to chairperson Amy Pascal discusses an arranged meeting with Rita Ora, and informs Pascal that Ora is an “incredible spark”.

Her response is perfect:

Do u know her

2. Bradley Cooper is an ‘odd bird’

Serena Premiere - New York Source: AP/Press Association Images

In March 2014 emails, Amy Pascal and Cameron Crowe discussed his new film Aloha, starring Bradley Cooper and Emma Stone. It’s mostly positive, but then Crowe drops this befuddling detail:

Bradley is such an odd bird getting him right is tricky but he’s fine now so let’s just let him cook where he is and take care of our girl [Emma Stone]… And her nuances…

3. There is also serious shade thrown at Bill Murray

2014 TIFF - St. Vincent Press Conference Source: AP/Press Association Images

In the same email chain Crowe and Pascal chat about the acting in Aloha, with Crowe having a swipe at Bill Murray:

But our acting is better here all around, so we can hopefully get everything. Frankly, we have great options on all the performances except Bill Murray… who is pretty much what you saw.

HEY. Leave Bill alone.

4. The bigwigs really don’t like Angelina Jolie

One of the big revelations from the initial leaks last December was that producer Scott Rudin was not fond of Angelina Jolie, calling her a “minimally talented spoiled brat”.

20th Annual Critics' Choice Awards - Arrivals - Los Angeles Source: AP/Press Association Images

In a June 2014 email he is absolutely incredulous to hear she was “studying films of potential directors” for a Cleopatra film in development:

Beyond belief. She’s studying films. Kill me please. Immediately.

5. Academy voters were ‘uncomfortable’ with 12 Years A Slave

Publicist Peggy Siegal emailed Sony bosses including Amy Pascal with her thoughts on 12 Years A Slave, which later went on to win the Best Picture award.

86th Academy Awards - Show - Los Angeles Source: AP/Press Association Images

She believed Academy voters were uncomfortable with a film by a ‘Brit’ (Steve McQueen) depicting a “cruel and brutal segment of our white society”.

The Academy’s experience of watching this film is not pleasant. Some will not see it… yet, because of the violence. My point is… Is this the story American cultural bell ringers want to send around the world as the ‘best story’ in the Best Picture?

“I think the voters are patiently waiting for an excuse to vote for another film,” she said.

6. The marketing strategies for One Direction are almost too good

Sony planned out each band member’s ‘personality’ and style, and gave an example of why fans liked them.

Harry Styles, for example, was supposed to be ‘adorably slow’, while Zayn Malik was the ‘dark horse’ and a ‘player’. Directioners are not happy.

7. David Fincher (rightly) thought Sony had a leak problem

Film-Strangers on a Train Remake Source: AP/Press Association Images

Fincher was the original director of Sony’s Steve Jobs biopic, before its very public changeover to Universal Pictures and new director Danny Boyle.

Fincher was very mad about the details of this being leaked to the press:

Subject: Well it ain’t ME
I had 15 meetings with Rosamund Pike and her DEAL CLOSED before Variety OR The Reporter ever ran a single blurb… This is a CONTINUAL PROBLEM WITH SONY.

8. Rooney Mara was hoping for a Girl with the Dragon Tattoo sequel

dragontattoo Source: Wordpress

Mara made her name as Lisbeth Salander in David Fincher’s adaptation of the Stieg Larsson novel, but it’s looking like Sony won’t be adapting the other books in the series.

Mara writes to Amy Pascal:

Logic tells me they are not ever happening – as it’s been almost three years since it came out. But I had still been holding out a little bit of hope… It’s obviously a character and an experience I hold very close.

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