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9 reasons to love Will Ferrell even more than you do already

Not that you needed an excuse. But still.

TODAY SEES WILL Ferrell celebrate his 45th birthday.

Given that he’s cropped up in classic comedies like Anchorman and Old School and was a huge part of the 90s glory of Saturday Night Live we’ve got plenty of reasons to love the man.

But we wanted to lay out just what makes us like Will so very much.

1. His impact on rap music

Some of Will’s lines from Blades of Glory made into the Jay-Z and Kanye West’s hit single Paris (yes we’re using a more SFW title. Sorry.)

Which is proof of his enduring influence obviously:

TheColdPirate / YouTube

2. Giving us much needed daily life phrases

Things we can easily use in everyday conversation.

Such as this:

This beauty:

Or this:

And that’s only naming a few of them.

3. His knack for a good double act

Will Ferrell isn’t some kind of comedy island, this is a man who knows the poor of a good team up.

Whether it’s himself and Jon Heder’s double act in Blades of Glory:

movieclips / YouTube

His carry on with John C. Reilly in Step Brothers:

movieclips / YouTube

And the highlight of this year’s Golden Globes, his team-up with Kristen Wiig:

NBC / YouTube

4. A keen eye for fashion

It could be dressing up in character to promote an animated movie:

Vince Flores/AFF/EMPICS Entertainment

Rocking this on set in character for Anchorman 2:

Charles Sykes/AP/Press Association Images

Or even wearing this on the red carpet:

Doug Peters/Doug Peters/EMPICS Entertainment

5. His gift for bringing amazing characters to life

If your fave is Chazz from Blades of Glory

Mugatu from Zoolander

Or good ol’ Ron Burgundy:

There is an amazing Will Ferrell character to suit everyone.

6.  The most serious of serious faces

When will your serious face match this?

CHITOSE SUZUKI/AP/Press Association Images


CHITOSE SUZUKI/AP/Press Association Images

7. He’ll chat to your mum no problem:

If you’re interviewing Will Ferrell and your mum calls then don’t you worry:

lostinreviews / YouTube

8.  Wearing make-up is not a problem for him

And doesn’t he look lovely?

Ian West/PA Archive/Press Association Images

9. He loves Ireland

Once he was spotted at an art fair in Miami wearing an Irish jersey:

Twitter/Art Observed

And there was the time he turned up at UCD to accept the James Joyce award and arrived in an Irish rugby kit:

Niall Carson/PA Archive/Press Association Images

Basically, he loves us almost as much as we love him.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY WILL FERRELL WE MADE YOU CAKE (that has a different name on it but hey)

Ooddles Customs Cakes /Facebook

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