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8 delicious wine cocktails to make this weekend


HAVING A NIGHT in with a bottle of wine seems like a good idea right now. But why not spruce it up?

As the wise philosphers D:Ream once said, thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiings, can only get better.

1. Wine and 7up, with a twist

Irish women love adding 7up to their wine, but it’s even better if you throw in some mixed berries and make it into a sangria. Skip the extra booze if you’re keeping it simple.

sangria_4 Source: tasty-trials

2. Apple and Pink Julep

Finally, a way to get rid of that port you bought for your mam to drink over Christmas. This recipe just requires port, mint leaves, and some apple juice. Sure it’s practically two of your five a day.

apple-and-pink-julep_36451825651b0900093c48_182126013251e7d25ba8762 Source: Croftpink

3. Princess of the Hive

Moscato, gin, lemon juice and peach schnapps. What’s not to like?

ogso37iajffih_bigger Source: Sify

4. San Francisco Sangaree

Here’s one for the red wine lovers. Merlot, bourbon and cherries. You classy yoke.

wine9 Source: ionehellobeautiful

5. Basil lemonade

It’s like a lemonade for grown ups. Just don’t leave it in the fridge if you have kids around.

wine7 Source: hellobeautiful

6. Grapefruit white wine sparkler

If you’re also resisting polishing off that gin, don’t. Combine it to make this gloriously refreshing concoction.

med106330_1210_par_grapefruit_vert Source: Marthastewart

7. The momscato

Moscato, cranberry, cherry vodka and marshmallows? GIMMIE.

BFC_42444_109_sm Source: Barefootwine

8. The refresher

Another boozy yet refreshing choice to whip up in minutes. Now, if only you had the weather outside to match.

ogroVhcgajfbf_bigger Source: Sify

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