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How to reassure yourself that winter is actually the BEST season

Is winter your favourite season? You’re among friends here.

YOU CAN TELL what kind of person you’re dealing with by asking what season is their favourite.

Summer gets a lot of love for the warmth, freedom and long days. And spring is in the spotlight for renewal, blooming leaves and cute animals. People talk endlessly about the beautiful colours of autumn -but what about good old winter?

We’re halfway through winter now, and January is the most wintry month of them all. So let’s not forget why it’s secretly the BEST SEASON.

Hot drinks

Hot chocolate! Spiced pumpkin lattes! Mulled wine! Winter is the season of the perfect, warming beverage. Drink deep – spring approaches.

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Rock that fleece with no shame. See also: flannel.

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You can let it all go

Summer calls for toned limbs, groomed extremities and a bit of general buffing to the old bod. Winter? It’s all covered up. No one would know WHAT’S under that parka. Go nuts.

Lighting the fire

Roaring open fires, lying on the couch in a blanket, with inclement weather you don’t have to deal with buzzes dimly outside. BLISS. Summer can’t touch this.

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Excuses to stay in

And you don’t even have to feel guilty. The cold weather and lovely dark evenings are a perfect excuse to chill on the couch instead of painting the town red.

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Getting cosy

Layers, scarves, hats, mittens, gloves, socks, ear muffs, fur hoods, boots…

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Crisp walks

There’s nothing quite like a bracing walk where you can see your breath. Remember as a kid you could pretend it was cigarette smoke? Simpler times.

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The possibility of it, the dismal reality of it, the conversations about it – everything about it, whether it arrives or sticks or stays or not.

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Is winter your favourite season? Tell us why in the comments. Or argue the case for spring, summer and autumn…

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