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winter is pain

11 indications that winter is actually sucking the life out of you


AS A NATION, it’s fair to say that we are obsessed with the weather.

However, at the moment we are justified in that obsession as it is absolutely miserable.  Winter feels endless at the moment, and if it feels like it’s taking over your life, you’re not alone.

Here are 11 indications that winter is actually sucking the life out of you.

You’ve had a cold for what feels like months


Sure, science may argue that there is no connection between the weather and your sniffles, but it definitely feels like there is.

You’re obsessed with layers


You haven’t left the house wearing less than five layers in weeks, and the days of you making sartorial choices based on what looks good are long gone.

You feel like weeping every morning


Every morning as your alarm goes off in your freezing cold, pitch-black bedroom you find yourself on the verge of tears.

When will this blackness end?

You are constantly complaining about the temperature


It’s never warm enough, ever. You’re sick of hearing yourself say it, but you just can’t help it.

(Except of course when it does get too warm, because someone in the office got a little overzealous with the thermostat.  Then of course you complain about the heat.)

All healthy eating efforts have gone out the window


When it’s this miserable you require comfort. Comfort means carbs.

And cheese.

And wine.

And maybe chocolate.

You’ve cancelled plans because of the weather

Sleeping in Cold Weather - Imgur NOT. GOING. ANYWHERE. Imgur Imgur

Social life? What social life? You’re not going out in that!

Your showers are getting longer and longer


It’s warm in there, ok?

Getting into bed is the highlight of your day


Your electric blanket turns it into a toasty haven, protecting you from the cruelness of wicked winter.

You’ve started to actually hate anyone who is somewhere warm right now


It may be your best mate in Australia, or your auntie in California, but no amount of friendly love and familial ties can dominate the bitterness you currently feel for these people.

As for those who dare to post photos of the sunny weather on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter?  CERTAIN DEATH.

You’re seriously considering emigration


What is the point in going on when this is only going to happen again next year?

Sure, a few months ago you were all about staying here, and loving your country, but those feelings are drifting further and further away with every raindrop.

You nearly slapped your mam when she told you ‘this too shall pass’

Good Sunny Weather This was Ireland only seven months ago. It will be Ireland again. Sam Boal Sam Boal

She’s right, though. This will pass.  The winter will go.  Everything will be ok.

We promise.

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