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This story of a woman's first ever time on a plane is charming everyone

“She can’t stop looking out the window!”

di Source: Flickr

ONCE YOU’VE FLOWN in a plane a few times, it can be easy to take the whole process for granted. “Flying in a metal tube? What’s the big deal? Now leave me watch Now You See Me 2 in peace.”

A few days ago, a woman named Elaine Filadelfo was getting a flight when she got talking to her seatmate, a woman named Sue preparing to visit her daughter.

It soon emerged that it was the woman’s first ever flight.


And, as you can imagine, Sue thought the whole thing was very novel.

ela Source: Elaine Filadelfo/Twitter

(Even if the flight experienced delays.)

Welcome to air travel, amirite?

even Source: Elaine Filadelfo/Twitter

Once the airline copped that it was her first ever time on a plane, they upgraded her and made sure it was the experience of a lifetime.

Sue was a little nervous before takeoff…

sue Source: Elaine Filadelfo/Twitter

But once she was up in the air, she was happy out and totally mesmerised

ela Source: Elaine Filadelfo/Twitter

And she even took time to wave at the people down below

fas Source: Elaine Filadelfo/Twitter

After a touch of turbulence, the flight landed safely. Sue’s first response? “That’s it? It’s over now?”

faf Source: Elaine Filadelfo/Twitter

And the most wonderful part of the story? She’s going to get her daughter to fly with her next time

We’re not tearing up. You are.

ela Source: Elaine Filadelfo/Twitter

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