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This woman is looking for the most off-the-wall name change ever

My name is… *takes deep breath*

A GEORGIA WOMAN has filed a petition to change her name to perhaps the most off-the-wall moniker you could ever imagine.

Rome News-Tribune reports that 81-year-old Serpentfoot, a local legend by all accounts, is trying to change her name to…

Nofoot Allfoot-Mouth-Tail-69-Vacuum-Consumption-Gravity-Wheels-Circle-Our-Greater-Self-Habitat-Cosmos-Metamorphosing-Solids-Gas-Liquids-Molten-Metal-Molted-Frogs-Butterflys-Turtle-Isle-Light-Fire-Ice-Wind-Spider-8-Trigrams-Roots-Limbs-Wings-Cane…(infinity symbol) Serpentfoot.

The petition clarifies that she would abbreviate it to NofootAllfoot for the sake of handiness.

WpaVJGA (1) Source: Reddit

The notice went viral in her local community and has now made it to Reddit.

The woman explained to the newspaper that the name change is part of her belief system and says that her 39-word name would help remind people that humans aren’t the be all and end all.

We are only a small part of this world in which we live, no greater or less than all the other animals and plants.

And while she acknowledges that the whole thing is fairly unorthodox, she doesn’t care.

I never wanted to do anything the traditional way. When people say I’m different, they’ve got me there. I always wanted to be independent. I always wanted to be different.

You do you, girl.

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