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Williamson County Sheriff's Office Look at her there. Delighted with herself.
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Woman steals bottle of wine to see her jailed boyfriend
Love conquers all. Except jail time.

IT’S NOT ROMEO and Juliet, but it’s damn well close.

A Texas woman allegedly stole a bottle of $3.99 wine so she could get arrested and see her jailed boyfriend.

Police say Alicia Walicke stole a bottle of wine from a gas station  on Wednesday – police responding to the incident found her outside the business, drinking the wine.

She told them that she wanted to go to jail and see her boyfriend, who was arrested hours earlier.

Walicke was charged with misdemeanor theft and freed on $5,000 bond on Friday.

Sadly, police have deigned to comment on whether the woman actually saw her boyfriend at all.

Honestly. Does true romance mean nothing to them?

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