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9 words and phrases it's unacceptable for Irish people to say

In 2016, eliminate ‘on fleek’ from your vocabulary.

1. “Mom”

mom Source: Courtney K/Twitter

We understand that there are parts of Ireland where “Mom” is used. But for everyone else — what are you at? It’s either Mam or Mum, and if you insist on calling her Mom, then chances are you’ve been watching too much MTV.

2. “Snog”

keep-calm-and-snog-me-8 Source: keepcalm-o-matic

Who raised you? The snog has no place in Irish conversation.

Go with shift, maul, lob the gob or even just plain ol’ kiss.


3. “Make out”


Leave “making out” to characters in Saved By The Bell, okay?

4. “Top o’ the morning”

Top-o-the-morning Source: carlstevyf/Blogspot

Unless you work in a tourist trap and want to get tips from American visitors, there is absolutely no need for any Irish person to ever utter these words.

5. “Awesome”

giphy (6) Source: Reddit

“Awesome” is one of those Americanisms that has crept into our everyday speech.

And while it’s sometimes applicable  – for example, when you catch a glimpse of something truly spectacular like, say, Northern Lights — more often than not, it’s completely OTT/makes the speaker sound like a wannabe Californian surfer.

Leave it out.

6. “On fleek”

giphy (5) Source: Giphy

Are you from Co. Clare? Then you have no business saying ‘on fleek’.

7.  ”Netflix and chill”

3Yl33Fb Source: Imgur

Unacceptable for saying out loud full stop.

8. “Bae”

23CQKcR Source: Imgur

Take a long, hard look in the mirror and ask yourself, “What would my granny in Tullamore make of me calling my boyfriend ‘bae’?”

9. “Mate”

mate Source: Flickr

Referring to your friends as mates? Acceptable.

Calling another human being “mate” as in “Alright, mate?”

Off to Albert Square with you, mate.

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