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words for that

11 newly-invented words that perfectly describe everyday situations

We need these words in our lives.

THERE ARE MOMENTS that we all know intimately, but which are very difficult to describe.

Why aren’t there words for these? Well, sometimes language just doesn’t quite keep up.

Luckily the site Words For That is here to help us out. It crowdsources essential new words by allowing people to suggest a common scenario, then vote for the best user suggestions.

Here are some of the best:

1. Ringxiety

jollyUK jollyUK

That sensation that your phone is vibrating in your pocket, when it’s actually not at all.

2. Instagret

Kamal Zharif Kamal Zharif

When you can’t decide whether to take a photo of something beautiful, or just enjoy the moment.

3. Flopflip

Average Jane Average Jane

That moment when you put the milk in the cupboard and the cereal in the fridge, or any similar scenario.

4. Dust horizon

OnTask OnTask

That little line of dust you can’t ever quite sweep up with the dustpan and brush.

5. Multiplexting

Jhaymesisviphotography Jhaymesisviphotography

The situation where you begin having a texting or Gchat conversation about two separate topics and your messages go back and forth like a swirling DNA helix – for example, discussing your weekend plans and also an in-depth conversation about The Avengers movie at the same time.

6. Stalkwardness

louiscrusoe louiscrusoe

Trying not to seem like you know too much about the person you’re talking to, despite having stalked them extensively on Facebook and knowing every detail of their life.

7. Brownbacks

danoxster danoxster

The money you earn while taking time in the office toilet for a number two.

8. Itch-ripple

Asbestos Bill Asbestos Bill

When you scratch an itch, but more and more itches seem to start popping up all over.

9. Bet lag

Brandon Grasley Brandon Grasley

The feeling of realising you are wrong, immediately after making a bet on something.

10. Heyman

insignificant insignificant

A person whose name you’ve forgotten, but have to spend time around, forcing you to find creative ways of avoiding their name.

11. Lipslip

Shutterstock Shutterstock

A reference made during a conversation that accidentally reveals you know a little too much about the topic at hand – such as haemorrhoids, or One Direction.

Got any more suggestions for words English needs? Add them in the comments…

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