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The Guide To Improving Your Lunch At Work
Read this before you eat your sandwich today.

1. First, choose your venue carefully


2. And assess the menu with caution before making your decision


3. No, really


4. Remember, appearances can be cruelly deceptive

5. Last bit of lunch-out advice: If you’re at a deli, never, ever ask for ‘a little bit’ of mayo.

6. OK, now for anyone making their own sandwich.

First, make sure your filling placement is correct:

7. The right ratio of ingredients is important too


8. And it ALWAYS pays to be prepared


9. Finally, if someone else is making you a sandwich, don't be afraid to give constructive feedback

10. OK. When you have your lunch - and this is very important - secure it properly in the office fridge.


11. Don't be afraid to use subterfuge. It's worth it.

12. Because these guys are overstretched, and can only help with major incidents

13. If you're eating at your desk, make sure you your sandwich is well-secured

14. Because there's one of these in every office

And nobody wants to be that guy.

15. OK, eating at your desk isn't a great idea. Maybe you should take your lunch out somewhere?

Yes, even if you got dressed very early in the morning.


16. But just remember. Danger lurks at every turn.




17. Actually, forget it. It's too much effort.

Maybe just go for the soup.

Best lunch ever. Ireland knows what's up


Enjoy lunch!

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