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yo teach

15 times teachers were the real messers

Legends. All of them.

TODAY IS WORLD Teachers’ Day.

Some teachers are strict, some are totally lax and others? Others are total messers.

Like these guys.

1. The teacher who used a student’s mean tweet as his computer background

This teachers background on Wednesday Imgur Imgur

2. The maths teacher who “solved for x-mas”

This math teacher solves for 'X'-mas Imgur Imgur

3. The teacher who got his whole class in on a prank on two students named Jerry and Robb.y

Psychology Professor trolls two of his students. Imgur Imgur

Sit quietly at your desk for a few minutes, get up, say that was easy and turn in your quiz. Do not say anything to Jerry and Robby.

4. The teacher who dressed up as a minion, because why the hell not?

My professor dressed up as a minion today. 50 minutes in the costume. Last year he was Darth Vader Imgur Imgur

5. The teachers who confiscated a student’s phone and returned it like this…

HhddkFp Imgur Imgur

6. The physics teacher who just really hates Justin Bieber

oI60H Imgur Imgur

7. The teacher who turned a penis drawing on a student’s assignment into a beautiful flower and included an inspirational message

rWMJecm Imgur Imgur

8. The teacher who absolutely nailed their classroom Christmas decorations

GhsfJLD Imgur Imgur

9. The teacher who let couples know that PDA is gross

One of the English teachers at my Highschool put this in the hall outside her door Imgur Imgur

10. The teacher who wrote these inspirational economics and geography quotes on the blackboard

Cash rules everything around me.

4yi5OMq Imgur Imgur

11. The science teacher who wears this hat while doing experiments for the class <3

QxSPUdQ Imgur Imgur

12. The teacher who let his students know that he’s not to be messed with

yvmoceO Imgur Imgur

Seriously, no one just looks at their crotch and smiles.

13. The teacher who promised his students 3 bonus points if they did a Borat impression

YzAbrry Imgur Imgur

14. The teacher who assigned this homework

jSx0B0W Imgur Imgur

15. And the teachers who got creative with their yearbook photos


Keep up the good work, teachers!

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