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7 of the world’s best dancing dogs

These puppies dance better than your da at a wedding.

WE LIKE DOGS. In fact, we love dogs.

What could be better than a dog?

A cute dog dancing, that’s what!

Ghetto fab dog

Via: YouTube/MsFunnyAnimal

He’s even got the facial expression down. Don’t mess with Eminem dog.

Little flamenco chihuahua

Via: YouTube/3arabusa

Just look at that little fella go!

Do the Harlem Shake

Via: YouTube/marioucche

When a dance craze is this popular, even dogs want to get in on the action.

Chillin’ out

Via: YouTube/CuteFunnyVideo

Damn it feels good to be a gangsta.

Salsa dancing in the kitchen

Via: YouTube/SuperBlackRambo

This dog has better rhythm than 90% of the humans we know.

Get rhythm when you get the blues

Via:  YouTube/ProductiveStorm

Honourable mention to this dawg. Despite being deaf, he rocks along to the blues.

Last but definitely not least…

The reigning dancing dog champion!

Via: YouTube/kindlechatmail

A truly talented pup.

Is your dog a better dancer than you?

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