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15 crimes against the apostrophe that will anger every grammar nerd

*eye twitches*


Such a humble little guy and yet he’s continually victimised by those who don’t know how to use him properly.

1. Like, what even is this?

wo3OCQi Source: Imgur

2. Get it together, people.

TYeF2cd Source: Imgur

3. Mom’s what is great ironing? #fail

4. “Let’s just throw in an apostrophe WHEREVER”

ijeXYNi Source: Imgur

5. Note to Next: hire a proofreader.

6. Noooooo, Anu! An apostrophe would have made all the difference!

188Ek (1) Source: Imgur

7. Seriously, Anu!

d9HRKpY Source: Imgur

8. We have a question — who is responsible for this travesty?

9. “Thank’s.”

CMM37GoWcAAsH5j Source: AbsoluteWord/Twitter

10. We can only hope that TV3 has since learned the difference between “your” and “you’re”

download (2) Source: Photocall Ireland

11. Beautiful! Oh wait…

394782_10150428210852001_660977000_9033452_1429550782_n Source: Apostrophe Catastrophe

12. “You know, I think we might just eat somewhere else…”

Over use of apostrophes much?!?! #ApostropheFail #Lol #TooManyApostrophes #Whyyyy #GrammarNazi #GrammarMistakes Source: fireryangel12

13. *shakes head*

Bleeding from both eyes #apostrophefail Source: pearhugstudio


Source: nidhijes

15. It’s like Taylor Swift always said, “The hater’sgonna hate, hate, hate…”

#apostrophefail Source: tiffanygiffany

We don’t think we’ll shake these fails off any time soon, though.

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