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10 New Year's Eve horror stories to make you feel better about your plans

Whatever you’re doing, it’s bound to be better than this.

New Year's Eve preparations The setup for NYE 2014 in College Green, Dublin Source: Niall Carson/PA Wire

WITH HUGE PRESSURE to have the best fun possible, we understand that New Year’s Eve is a time of great frustration and woe for many. Here’s where you can air that frustration.

We’ve gathered some terrible New Year’s Eve memories from staff at TheJournal.ie Towers and our Twitter followers, along with a few more horror stories from the web. They are grim. Very grim.

To start us off, here’s a tale of line-dancing horror from TheJournal.ie‘s own Paul Hosford:

Paul also remembers a time when he and his family spent New Year’s Eve at a hotel, where the party atomosphere was… lacking.

The hotel manager made all of the families leave the open-plan bar/lobby and go to the library. Which was literally a library. No music, no TVs, nothing. We counted down the New Year on a phone.

Similarly, reader Paul Caris recalls a night totally devoid of festive cheer.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, DailyEdge.ie‘s Michael Freeman had a particularly memorable time dealing with someone else’s vom:

This horrifying missed connection spotted on Craigslist New York last year:

missedconnection Source: The Cut


And this guy’s similarly pee-related start to the New Year:

Reader @MrsLandrobot ended up on a hot date – but not with the guy she expected…

Still she’s probably better off than the girl who got vomited on by this guy (who later posted a missed connection to look for her):

nyeralphing Source: The Cut

An insight into the scourge that is a nightclub on NYE – Jonathan Keane was the victim of some terrible, terrible hat-crime:

This story from Warren Swords, which sounds frankly amazing:

And a sad one from Ellie, who is laid up this NYE. Get well soon!

Alright guys, let it out. What was your worst New Year’s ever? 

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