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7 people who should just not have bothered coming to the party
There are buzz wreckers and then there are buzz wreckerrs.

ANY EXCUSE TO party is fine by us either on a Saturday night or even midweek.

And that also means getting the right gang of people to head to any proposed parties with you.

It’s important to get the selection right and there will always be certain people you’ll want to avoid.

1. The person who has drank too much

Right, firstly, if one of your mate does this the plan should be to get them home safely as soon as possibly.

Secondly, if they’ve got themselves in to that state you have to remember that isn’t gas to keep them out and watch them flail around, it will only end in tears.

Possibly yours when they get sick on your shoes.

2. The person who has overdone the fake tan

Eamonn And James Clarke/Eamonn and James Clarke/EMPICS Entertainment

Because they will stink and make you look very washed out in comparison

3. The one who spends too much time on their phone

Vince Flores/AFF/EMPICS Entertainment

The people who are going to spend all night texting and updating their Facebok statuses about HOW MUCH FUUUN THE KLUB IS 2NIT!1!! should be taken off your invite list for good.

4. People who are unneccessarily rude

You know the way you meet some people and reckon they’re just a bit shy which could make them a bit rude?

And then you speak to them a bit more and you realise they are in fact just really rude?

Well, you can leave them to party elsewhere.

5. The music snob

We get it, you’d rather be listening to minimal afro-House tech-step drum-n-bass remixes and only want to hear Radiohead b-sides at house parties.

You’re better than us and minus craic at most parties.

We get it now.

6.  The overly possessive boyfriend / girlfriend

This is the person who hangs out of their partner and gives them filthies when they so much as look at someone who isn’t them.

Please relax and let us all enjoy each other’s company without your intense jealousy making us all supremely uncomfortable.

7. The people wearing “wacky” outfits for attention

Doug Peters/Doug Peters/EMPICS Entertainment

Aren’t you gas wearing that?

Aren’t you just the life of the party?

We’re just a bit scarlet for you to be honest.

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