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The 9 absolute worst people you can watch a movie with

Silence is golden.
Jan 16th 2014, 9:30 PM 23,323 41

THE OSCAR NOMINATIONS were announced today, so you only have until the 2nd of March to catch up on those you may have missed.

Just be careful whom you chose to watch them with, it could make or break the whole thing.

1. The talker

They don’t care that you’re absolutely bet into the movie. They want to talk about that thing that happened them today on the bus.


2. The trivia merchant

NO ONE CARES if he was in Father Ted before he was famous. Put your IMDB app away.

moviesannoyingtriviaguy Source: ephidryn

3. The inquisition

Maybe if you stopped asking questions you could watch it and understand for yourself? Eh?

watchingmovietalkannoying Source: lowjumpingfrog

4. The Muncher

If you’re at home, they’ll just chew really loudly. The confines of a cinema, however, the wannabe polite movie goer will insist on opening their noisy packet of Malteasers as slowly as possible to minimise sound. NO. Open it quickly, like a plaster.


Don’t even get us started on the cretins that bring in smelly food.

tumblr_mg3rrqz6Yl1rnqorno1_500 Source: Tumblr

5. The cynic

It’s a movie… it’s not real. We all silently acknowledge this from the start.

wouldnthappenmovie Source: Shutterstock

6. Short attention spanner

They don’t really want to watch this, and they won’t even do you to favour of giving it a go. They’ll text on their phone during it, distracting themselves, meaning that you can’t sit easy either. RELAX.

jqjmnjF Source: Imgur

7. The psychic

He’s the killer. They’re going to hook up. Yeah, it’s a rom-com, we know, Sherlock.

Scary-Movie Source: Whatculture

8. The easily amused

Oh God their laugh. So loud, so high-pitched. They have to be putting that on. And they find EVERYTHING funny.

laughermovies Source: Shutterstock

9. The kicker

Found at the cinema. And later, the depths of hell.

moviekickerannoyin Source: Shutterstock

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