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# along came a spider
This is the absolute worst story about a spider you'll ever hear
Like, the actual worst.

WELL, THIS WILL put you off ever stepping outside again.

An Australian man says that his first holiday to Bali was “ruined” when a spider managed to burrow its way into his abdomen via an appendix scar and lived inside him for three days.

Em, pardon?

Dylan Thomas, 21, was holidaying on the Indonesian island when he noticed a mark on his stomach. A doctor diagnosed Thomas as having suffered an insect bite, prescribed him antihistamines and sent him on his way.

A day later, Thomas paid a visit to the hospital where doctors ran test and discovered that a tropical spider had actually spent the previous three days living inside Thomas’ body. It was dead when doctors removed it.

Somehow, Thomas is able to joke about the incident and says that his friends call him Spiderman now. This despite the fact a tropical spider literally lived inside his body for three days and died there. 

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